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Black & White: image core.

Even if I love the colour which has a leading role in the Minimum Universes I can’t back out of to the white black charm. It makes certain images essential, it strengthens the communicative hidden by colour. The forms emerge thanks to wider tonal passages, the three-dimensionality is clearly evident and you feel the extra […]


Canyons and deserts – Southwest USA parks

The well-known Death Valley is an extreme place (56.7 ° C measured 10 July 1913 at Greenland Ranch), to life’s limits that seem not to be, and yet exists and manifested by transient appearances, grand views, open that blend and are lost in the sky, absolute silence broken by the wind, colours and alluring contrasts […]


A life breathe- Southwest USA parks

Looking at the photos of this gallery, someone might point out that there are images that are not in accordance with the title of this article. This is true, if you do not make some considerations. The southwest of the USA is an extremely desert area that climatic changes tend to make it even more […]


Desert flowers – Southwest USA parks

The flowers that you can see in this gallery are the example of how nature is able to adapt to extreme environments, how precisely they can I don’t know, but I see that the plants can complete their life cycle, leaving the seeds for their rebirth. Surely they implement sophisticated strategies to attract pollinating insects; […]

Time Sculptures – Southwest USA parks

In observing the rock formations seen during our trip, you’d think that they weren’t formed so by accident but by a mysterious sculptor who has done this. The character in question exists and it is ‘time’. It did not use hammers, chisels or files but had helpers that under his supervision have allowed it to […]

Nature cathedrals – Southwest USA parks

One aspect that struck me during trip to the USA were the impressive rock formations, sandstone on the contrary, that with the flow of time has shaped into genuine cathedrals, filled with spires and towers that sometimes defy the laws of gravity. Atmospheric agents, have shaped these formations, working slowly but continuously and relentlessly going […]

Colours supremacy – southwestern USA NP

This is the first article in a series of 6 related to the journey made in the southwest of the USA, for my wife and a couple of friends, we visited 13 national parks, eight state parks more than a dozen places of special naturalistic interest travelling between the states of Nevada, California, Utah, Colorado […]

A trip to Plitvice lakes

This is a wonderful place in the Croatian country side, the Plitvice lakes were registered in the Unesco world heritage list in 1979 and became a National Park in 1949. There are a system of 16 lakes ,  the water  of the highest “Proscansko Jezero” is at 650 meter above sea level, with falls in […]

Rio Tinto: a journey to another world.

This trip was suggested by some friends with a shared passion for photography, I was initially a bit ‘in doubt given the uncertainty of the climate since the chosen period (1-10 November). I chose this topic because traveling and photography are my favorite hobbies. The place we chose is very special and not very well […]


Between Earth and sky

The Piano Grande basin  is a giant canvas, where nature manifest itself in its imaginative and impressionist art in a jubilation  of colours and shades, that express at its highest between June and July each year. But this painting is magical, because the graduation and shades of the colours are constantly changing, even though imperceptible […]