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Good journey in my UNIVERSES !!!

MINIMUM UNIVERSES… nerverending fantasy

New unique, unrepeatable images generated by the artistic fantasy of nature and its elements

  • Mind grapes

  • Lava

  • The time ball

  • Alice’s Garden

  • The creation

  • Flame

  • Magnetic center

  • Capillary

  • Dreamlike field of flowers

  • Magnetic fields

I am pleased to announce the publication of the book



MINIMUM UNIVERSES is my first book that collects twenty years of research and experiments using water, oil, concentrates of colours, mural tempera, soap and colourful backgrounds in an ever-changing random mix, as always also the effects obtained were different trying to use the same settings. The result is a series of unrepeatable images, unique, where colour is dominant and is manifested by patterns, designs that defy the wildest imagination. These images will surely cause in each of us dissimilar feelings prompted by his own sensibility, personality, culture but especially if you read, free of rational constraints, from his own soul. Thus it will be able to fly into fantastic spaces, navigating the iridescence of soap bubbles, flying over mysterious expanses where metaphysical landscapes materialize and then in the never-ending space between worlds in formation, galaxies and nebulous in an endless journey…

Pubblication data

Terra Ferma Edizioni

via delle Industrie 1 – 31035 Crocetta del Montello (TV)
tel. 0423.6388 fax 0423.638900

Printed in October 2016
30 x 24 cm
112 pages
90 colours illustrations
paperback with inside flap
ISBN: 978-88-6322-290-6

Video trailer book presentation  MINIMUM UNIVERSES

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Black & White: image core.

Even if I love the colour which has a leading role in the Minimum Universes I can’t back out of to the white black charm. It makes certain images essential, it strengthens the communicative hidden by colour. The forms emerge thanks to…
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Canyons and deserts - Southwest USA parks

The well-known Death Valley is an extreme place (56.7 ° C measured 10 July 1913 at Greenland Ranch), to life's limits that seem not to be, and yet exists and manifested by transient appearances, grand views, open that blend and are lost…
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A life breathe- Southwest USA parks

Looking at the photos of this gallery, someone might point out that there are images that are not in accordance with the title of this article. This is true, if you do not make some considerations. The southwest of the USA is an extremely…
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Desert flowers - Southwest USA parks

The flowers that you can see in this gallery are the example of how nature is able to adapt to extreme environments, how precisely they can I don’t know, but I see that the plants can complete their life cycle, leaving the seeds for their…

New version of web site !!!

cropped-LogoMMidee-2014.jpgI am pleased to present my website MINIMUM UNIVERSES also in English, and this third revision was made with this point of view and with appropriate tools. So I hope to introduce my work to a great multitude of people. The media always give us the sad news and we do not see us how much beauty there is in the world. I try to give my modest contribution to enhance the short but intense moments of emotion in frozen photographic shutter. So you can travel between Minimum Universes of abstract and natural macro world and then move to the highest ones of the landscapes that bring us the thought in the infinity of space.

Good vision

Adriano Mascherin

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